Brown Bin

Brown Bin

CDS Waste Management Brown Bin

Your brown bin is for your organic and food waste. The great thing about your brown bin is it removes the need to put food and garden waste in the general waste bin.

A brown bin is provided to ensure waste food is collected separately so that it can be used to make high quality compost for use as a soil improver in agriculture and horticulture.

Also in Ireland, there are new Brown Bin Regulations, which now make it law that householders have to either use a brown bin, bring food waste to a local recycling centre or compost at home.

Food waste can no longer be placed in the general waste bin

You can put any of the following into your brown bin including:
  • Raw or cooked food
  • Meat, poultry & fish, including bones
  • Leftover food from your plate & dishes
  • Fruit & vegetables
  • Tea bags, coffee grinds & paper filters
  • Breads, cakes & biscuits
  • Rice, pasta & cereals
  • Dairy products (cheese, butter, yoghurt)
  • Soups & sauces
  • Eggs, egg shells & cardboard egg boxes
  • Food soiled paper napkins, paper towels & pizza boxes
  • Newspaper (when used for wrapping food waste)
  • Out of date food with packaging removed (no glass/plastic)
  • Grass clippings and small twigs
Please do not put any of the following materials into your brown bin:
  • Plastic bags/bottles
  • Packaging of any sort
  • Nappies
  • Glass
  • Stones/soil
  • Metal cans/wire
  • Cardboard
  • Ashes, coal or cinders
  • Pet faeces or litter
  • Cooking oils

If in doubt phone and find out, just give Mark a call on 051 640 924 or 087 675 0252.

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Brown Bin Information

A brown bin is a bin to put all your food waste into. The contents of the brown bin are taken by CDS Waste Management to a composting facility, where it is used to produce a high quality compost.

2016 Waste Regulations poster

2016 Waste Regulations poster

2016 Waste Regulations poster


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